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Gluten-Free Mediterranean Casserole

I decided to make an old comfort-food favorite for breakfast this morning to use the last of my homemade stock*. The result was more delicious than ever — my stock has definitely been increasing the flavor of the foods I’ve … Continue reading

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Mezzie Learns about Desperation, Diet, and Healing

I’m in pain. I’ve written about my ankle woes, but with the fairly recent addition of pain in both shoulders, I’ve now hit a whopping seven joints in pain, plus occasional finger joint pain (three more). I’ve been written a … Continue reading

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Why It’s Called Mezzie Learns

When I started this blog, I was just rekindling an obsession with the Thai language, and my first thought for the title of the blog was, “Mezzie Learns Thai.” I’d read other Thai learning blogs, and there wasn’t much to … Continue reading

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Plastic Neutral Gluten-Free Bagels

One of the first things I recognized as something I absolutely could not live without if I gave up plastic was Udi’s Everything Bagels. Shortly after I found out I had Celiac disease, I instructed my husband that if I … Continue reading

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