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A Money Update

I think I’m nearing the end of this investigation into early retirement. I’ve read several books, joined the MMM forums where I got some helpful advice, lurked on some other forums, read financial papers and journals… it’s been fun and … Continue reading

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My 2017 Personal Spending Plan

Well, I’ve maxed out my 403(b) contributions sooner than expected, and I’m on a path to max out my IRA annually as well. I’m hoping to get my husband’s 401(k) and/or IRA set up soon, but he’s not much of … Continue reading

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Obstacles to Early Retirement

I’ve been reading the early retirement blogs, and I generally like what they have to say. I currently save about 44% of my income, and I can definitely get that down to 60% over the course of the next year … Continue reading

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Some Books I’ve Been Reading

Mostly I’ve been reading student essays and doing research on retirement, but I have squeezed in some books. Among them: A World Without You by Beth Revis This one was a YA recommendation from a student. I enjoyed reading it … Continue reading

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I Don’t Have to Go Grocery Shopping This Week

I’m trying to rekindle a habit that I had up until about five years ago: shopping in my pantry before going grocery shopping. When I was in college, I did that out of necessity, sometimes stretching one week’s groceries into … Continue reading

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Early Retirement?

I always imagined someone would have to drag me out of my classroom kicking and screaming at 80 years old because I’d refuse to retire. My continuing health issues have changed that view. Now I’m looking at the possibility of … Continue reading

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Who I’ve Donated to This Month

My husband and I had a very expensive November. My husband got in a car accident (he was fine, thank goodness!) and totaled his car. I’d been wanting an electric car, and since he got a new car last time, … Continue reading

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