I Don’t Have to Go Grocery Shopping This Week

I’m trying to rekindle a habit that I had up until about five years ago: shopping in my pantry before going grocery shopping. When I was in college, I did that out of necessity, sometimes stretching one week’s groceries into an entire month (needless to say, I was underweight at the time). I got lazier as my salary increased, but I would still at least do a cursory check before shopping so I wouldn’t buy things I already had. Lately, I’ve just made meal plans without even opening the pantry or refrigerator door. I am extremely lucky to not have to worry about starving right now, but I still have to worry about wasting food and money.

Today, instead of making a meal plan, I took my pad of paper through the kitchen and created meals from what I already have. The result: 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners without having to buy a thing. None of it will be particularly exciting, and I’ll be relying on frozen fruits and vegetables rather than fresh this week, but I’m going to get through the week just fine. That saves who knows how much packaging and potential food waste and approximately $40 which I can now put aside for next month’s sponsor child payment.

I would say not bad except it is bad that I’ve let myself become so careless. I’m able to do this without touching any of my earthquake kit food, too! Hopefully this will clear up some room in the pantry so I can make it more organized. It’s been hard to put things away lately. In fact, I’m a little afraid I may not have to go shopping for anything but protein next week.

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