Naked Binder Update

Just over a year ago, I wrote my review for Naked Binder products (you can read the review here). I just wanted to write that a year later, all of the binder products still look brand new despite daily use and abuse. The rings haven’t weakened or lost their alignment as other brands do, and the binders themselves are absolutely sturdy. I still haven’t decorated them; I need to get on that. 

The only problem I’ve had is with one two-pouch folder, and that was entirely my fault. I didn’t cap my water bottle well, and it spilled in my large purse which was holding important work documents inside the folder. Though the folder did end up falling apart after being soaked, it was thick enough that none of my documents were damaged, which I have to say is pretty impressive. Sure, a plastic folder may have survived the spill, but it wouldn’t have been worth the environmental cost. The edges of the folders do get a little beat up as I carry them in backpacks and purses and absolutely overstuff them. I imagine I may need to buy a new set of folders in about three years.

I strongly recommend Naked Binder products. I have no affiliation with them whatsoever; I just want them to still be in business whenever my current binders finally fall apart (if that ever happens).

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