Foods I’m Hoping Not to Give Up Forever

The whole idea of the elimination diet I wrote about in my last post is to find trigger foods and stop eating those. I hope I do find some trigger foods — if I do, that means I’ll have some control over how I feel — I just wish I could choose which foods.

I keep trying to decide which of all the banned foods on the elimination (dairy, eggs, nuts, seeds, nightshades, beans, legumes, alcohol, grains) I most want to not have an intolerance to. It’s a moot point since I have no power over that, but my mind keeps wandering that direction.The trouble is, I have pretty good reasons for wanting each of them to be something I can keep eating.

Eggs: Aside from being a good food in and of itself scrambled or boiled, eggs are invaluable for holding foods together in baking and are the basis for creme brûlée. Cooking would be hard without eggs.

Dairy: Though I absolutely abhor milk on its own, I’m a big fan of plain greek yogurt, butter, and cream. Of course, if I end up not being able to have potatoes or grains, my need for cream may diminish. I depend on yogurt for probiotics (and I don’t tolerate coconut well, so coconut yogurt will not be a good substitute), and I simply love butter. Apparently some people who can’t handle dairy can handle ghee, and that would be something. I like sorbet, but not if I have to have it because I can’t have ice cream. 

Seeds: Mostly I would miss the spices made of seeds, but I also love roasting pumpkin and butternut squash seeds. I would miss those. I’ve recently added chia and flax seeds to my diet to add omega-3s; they’re a tasty, easy supplement I’d like to keep eating.

Nuts: Almonds and walnuts make such great snacks and have such wonderful nutrients, I would hate to miss out on their goodness. Also, what would I snack on?

Beans and Legumes: I actually think I can live without peanut butter, even though I love it. But garbanzo beans? Black beans? White beans? Pinto beans? These are the basis of some of my most simple pleasures. They are the ultimate comfort food. Soy would be a problem because it’s in so much and I love soy milk. 

Nightshades: No more peppers or spices made from them? There goes Thai food. No more tomatoes? So many sauces gone. No more white potatoes? Thanksgiving would never be the same.

Grains: I don’t eat many grains to begin with, but I love corn in all forms (tamales, tortillas, pupusas, posole…), and rice is another staple. Cutting those out would mean cutting out entire cultures’ foods.

Alcohol: Honestly, I could do without, but if I end up having to cut out any of the above forever, I may need it to drown my sorrows. 

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