Tracking Spending

At the beginning of the month, I downloaded the app “Spending” to track my personal spending. I’m still working on buying and spending less, and though I carefully stick to my budget, that doesn’t mean I need everything I’ve purchased. What I like about the app is that in addition to assigning every transaction a category, there’s a space for notes so I can see on the summary exactly what I spent my money on and reflect a month later as to whether or not I’m still happy with that purchase.

Below are my categories for the month of February. Note that these are just purchases from my personal spending that cover the categories of food, transportation, entertainment, and personal necessities or desires, so there aren’t any bills included.

This first screenshot shows a pie chart of my spending categories:

This second one shows the same in a bar graph (I prefer bar graphs, personally):

This third one shows my income to spending ratio and, over several months, will show how much money I’ve saved, if any, or how much I’ve dipped into savings. Any “debt” shown on here wouldn’t actually be debt since I’m only including my spending allowance as income; if I go over, it just means I dipped into my personal savings. This chart would probably be very useful for people trying to get out of debt or trying to save for a big purchase.

Finally, here are my categories so far. The app comes with suggested categories and icons, but they are fully customizable.

Overall, I like the app, but I’m not sure I have the patience to track every cent I spend over the long term. I’ll try to keep it up, though.

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