Toilet Paper Woes

A while back I posted about getting my next batch of toilet paper from an office supply store because it comes in cardboard boxes rather than plastic. It was a good idea… except my local office supply store doesn’t carry it. There are other stores further away I can try, but we needed to resupply immediately. While shopping for some cold medicine for my husband, I came across this treeless, plastic-free toilet paper.

It was not quite the worst toilet paper I’ve ever used.

My family used Scott tissue growing up. Single-ply and simultaneously sandpaper rough and tissue-paper fragile, it became a symbol of want to me. I decided that as long as I could afford something better than Scott, I was doing okay in the world. When I moved out, Scott was banned from my apartment. There may have been a dramatic Scarlett O’Hara moment as I placed to good stuff on the roll and shouted that I would never use Scott tissue again, but there are no witnesses to confirm such a thing.

Ology can’t replace Scott as the worst toilet paper ever, but it does come close, even if the plastic hater and tree lover in me desperately wanted to like it. It is bad enough that if I were told it was my only choice, I just might decide to get past my aversion to using a cloth (just writing that makes me cringe, so probably not yet) or figure out the whole bucket of water thing.

If you like Scott tissue, however, this stuff might be a luxurious (by comparison) and environmentally friendly upgrade.

Right now, I’m pretty desperate to find a different plastic-free toilet paper.

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