Mezzie Learns about Concussions and Workers Comp

I’m recovering from a concussion right now, and my pre-written posts have run out, so I’ve got to put this blog on hold until my doctor clears me for reading, writing, and screen time (about a week, hopefully).

But don’t worry — all this down time filled with nothing but thinking and occasional audiobooks has given me plenty of ideas for future posts. Things to look forward to:

-a review of a new Thai podcast
-reviews of the audiobooks I mentioned
-tips on using every edible part of your produce
-plastic-free tips
-buying less stuff / determining what you really need
-desert plants
-low-water gardening
-fountain pen repair (assuming I’m successful)
-planting an edible garden in Southern CA

And… that was enough typing to make my head throb. Back to obeying my doctor.

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