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Toilet Paper Woes

A while back I posted about getting my next batch of toilet paper from an office supply store because it comes in cardboard boxes rather than plastic. It was a good idea… except my local office supply store doesn’t carry … Continue reading

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Budgeting Wisely

I love creating budgets. I update ours every few months when there’s a shift in our income or a new thing to save for, and even though it’s hard work, I enjoy it. I enjoy it so much, that I … Continue reading

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Becoming Disabled

Up until almost eight months ago, I could walk for miles without getting tired or sore. Walking, in fact, was my favorite exercise (preferably in the form of hiking) and my go-to remedy for stress. My second and third favorite … Continue reading

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Frugality and Long Periods Without Spending

I was looking up some recipes for homemade ketchup (we just ran out, and I want to avoid the plastic bottle), and in the process I came across two blogs where the writers decided to not spend any money for … Continue reading

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Plastic Free Cheese

Today my husband and I took the train into L.A. to check out the Grand Central Market, and we actually got plastic-free cheese. It’s not really feasible to take a three-hour round trip just for cheese, but I will keep … Continue reading

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Mezzie Learns about Concussions and Workers Comp

I’m recovering from a concussion right now, and my pre-written posts have run out, so I’ve got to put this blog on hold until my doctor clears me for reading, writing, and screen time (about a week, hopefully). But don’t … Continue reading

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