Plastic Problem with Local Produce Delivery

I recently rejoined a delivery program that brings fresh, local, organic produce to my door once a week. I was distressed the first week when the glass jar of local honey came in a plastic bag (my guess to protect the paper label from being ruined by the moist produce and ice pack). Generally I just get fruits and veggies, though, so I didn’t think it warranted a complaint.

Then last week the brussels sprouts and carrots each came in their own plastic bags, but the potatoes came in a paper bag, and everything else was loose as usual.

My guess is that, since the produce comes from a few different farms, the farmers prep the vegetables into individual portions for easy pickup. It’s also possible that the delivery group either requests it or bags it themselves. Either way, I’m going to have to contact someone. It’s way too great a program to quit (the food tastes homegrown, and I don’t have enough land on my property to produce so much even if I were to miraculously overcome my black thumb).

I think even with the plastic bags, the delivery is an environmental net win when it comes to responsible farming practices and fuel consumption to deliver the food, but since plastic lasts forever, I can’t ignore its use. I’m going to work up my customer karma for a couple months while I devise a (hopefully) feasible alternative to the plastic bags.

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