Why It’s Called Mezzie Learns

When I started this blog, I was just rekindling an obsession with the Thai language, and my first thought for the title of the blog was, “Mezzie Learns Thai.” I’d read other Thai learning blogs, and there wasn’t much to add to them but my own personal reviews of resources and my own progress. I didn’t tell anyone about the existence of the blog, so it was very much a personal journey that might help others if they stumbled upon it.

The problem was I knew my obsessions come in cycles; if I’m addicted to anything, it’s learning itself, and “Mezzie Learns Thai” was doomed to close if anything else sparked my interest. My ADHD tendencies (finally diagnosed after years of suspicion) allow my hyperfocus on my chosen area but also keep me constantly intrigued by other topics. Had I started this blog in 2012, perhaps the title would have been, “Mezzie Learns Handbells,” and if I’d begun it in 2002 it might have been, “Mezzie Learns to Tap Dance Like Jason Samuels Smith.” 2011 would have brought you a blog about analyzing Spanish literature (the type actually from Spain) and probably would have been written in Spanish. 2007 would have been about the joys of vermicomposting (though that would eventually prove tragic for the worms in 2008). 2012 was about union activism and immigrant rights. 2009 was marathoning. 2010 was teaching gifted students. It was also teaching adolescents who read at a second grade level (it’s surprisingly similar, by the way — those struggling readers are smart — they never would have made it to high school with such low reading skills if they didn’t have incredible memorization and improvisation skills). 2011 was about adding authorizations to my single subject credential (in addition to English, I have Spanish, Social Studies, ELD, and bilingual education credentials). 2009-2011 were about being a good department co-chair. 2012 was about singing in Spanish, social justice, and Episcopal doctrine. 2008-2009 was about getting a Masters degree (I’ll hopefully be going for my second soon). 2011 was about homeownership. 2012 was about raising a puppy. 2007 was about Celiac disease. 2014 was about decluttering, fountain pens, Thai, and ASL. 2015 is about avoiding plastic, zero waste, home repair, and desert scaping, teaching government, and learning ASL, Spanish, and Thai. I’m hoping it will also include some edible gardens. It’s also about coming to terms with being handicapped, a topic I’ve been trying to ignore.

I’m sure I could stick to one topic and have years worth of rich blog posts exploring that topic in detail, but I’d much rather jump around as my interests and circumstances lead me and hope my few followers and visitors don’t mind.

I did notice the tag system on my site was rather lazy, though, so I’ve spent the morning cleaning it up. Now if you’re only interested in one area of what I’m learning, you should be able to select it using the tabs to the right (you may have to scroll down past the archives by date).

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One Response to Why It’s Called Mezzie Learns

  1. Catherine says:

    When I went to name my blog, just like you, it was meant to be personal. I wasn’t going to share it. I just wanted a place to put learning Thai resources, which were, at that time, all over the place on the internet (and many of the links were broken). And like you, my interests leap all over the place. But sadly, I’ve left a swath of unfinished projects … to get to ‘soon’.

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