Chemical Reactions and Dish Soap

A while back I posted a liquidy dish soap I was happy with. It worked great, but then my next batch left a greasy film on dishes, so I added more lemon juice to the next batch and it was even worse.

What had gone wrong? I did my due diligence Googling until I found this. Apparently, by adding more lemon juice, I’d worsened the problem. In my first batch, I’d used so little lemon juice that I guess not much of the soap had been affected.

My husband requested a good grease-cutting soap (which the first one was, and he agrees, but I haven’t been able to replicate it), so this time I added washing soda instead of lemon juice — too much washing soda if he hard mass I woke up to find is any indication. I just used it to wash a dish I’d melted butter in, though, and, even in its gloppy form, it gets the job done.

I’ll get the hang of it eventually, I’m sure, but now I have to do so before my husband goes out and buys a commercial, plastic-packaged dish soap, which he has every right to do if I can’t create a reasonable facsimile.

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One Response to Chemical Reactions and Dish Soap

  1. gerkengaby says:

    I just made my own dish soap with castile soap (22 oz) and lemon essential oil (30 drops). It was my first shot at it, and it seems to work really well! I washed a container full of coconut oil, and it got it off right away. My fiance has approved it as well, which is great because I was also worried that he would get tired of it and go buy something full of chemicals and dyes.

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