Deaf West Theater’s Production of American Buffalo

I know I’ve been heavily focused on zero waste and plastic free living, but I’m still a language enthusiast. Here’s one of the fun things about learning other languages: I get to go to bilingual productions like these and not rely completely on voicing or supertitles:

American Buffalo in English and ASL


Brickman Brando Bubble Boom in Spanish and English

I’m especially excited about American Buffalo. It’s a play by one of my favorite playwrights (David Mamet) and starring one of my favorite stage actors (Troy Kotsur — tied with Dan Donahue as my favorite stage actor of all time). You can bet I bought my tickets the second they went on sale.

Last time I met Kotsur after Cyrano, I couldn’t sign at all and I felt like an idiot. My sister is fluent in ASL and had a full conversation with him, though. Then I had a whole little speech prepared for when we went to see Deaf West’s Spring Awakening last semester, but Troy Kotsur’s part was played by Anthony Natale at our performance. I like Anthony Natale just fine, of course, but I was a little disappointed I’d missed my chance to redeem myself. This time I will tell Troy Kotsur he’s my favorite actor (though I may skip the part about him being tied for first place).

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2 Responses to Deaf West Theater’s Production of American Buffalo

  1. Poh Gaik Teh says:

    I thought the play “American Buffalo” at Deaf West Theater was terrible. I am a well trained actor who happens to be deaf. I did not see the significant messages in the story. There was no pace, and it was very sloppy. I was very disappointed.

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