Homemade Deodorant Verdict

Over the past two months, I’ve been trying a variety of homemade deodorant recipes. As far as functionality goes, a mix of cornstarch and baking soda worked the best, but as someone who doesn’t use make-up and doesn’t want to buy a brush or pouf for the sole purpose of deodorant application, I found applying the powder with my fingers a bit messy and annoying. I like having a cream, so I searched and made a few batches of deodorants with different ratios of similar ingredients (Google and you’ll see the recipes are generally similar) and have finally settled on this:

Equal parts (I used one tablespoon)
coconut oil
shea butter
baking powder
cornstarch (I may try arrowroot next time)

I used three tins, to one of which I added a few drops each tea tree, lemon, and lavender essential oils, the next I added only tea tree oil, and the final I left plain.

The result? A deodorant that works just as well as the powder I’d been using for two weeks, but that is much easier to apply. Right now I’m using the first scent. I went overboard on the tea tree oil, but the smell fades within an hour, and my husband, who HATES the smell of tea tree, hasn’t complained, so I think it bothers me more than it would bother anyone else. I do want to compare it with the unscented version and see if the tea tree is necessary for its antibacterial properties. I’ll test that out next week.

As far as keeping me smelling fine, deodorants seem to work better than deodorant-antiperspirant combos, which makes no scientific sense to me. There are times when an antiperspirant would be better (a major speech, a job interview), but I don’t sweat that much unless I’m wearing layers, so I can get by. I frequently reach across people to take papers from students or hand things back, so not smelling offensive is important. I’ve had a couple days where I had to reapply the powder to avoid visible sweat, but smell wasn’t a problem. With my new cream, I haven’t had to reapply yet after five days of use, but I also haven’t had to wear a jacket or sweater inside since it’s been warmer.

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