Plastic Free Takeout Success!

I’m not going to mention the name of the local restaurant that did this just in case there are rules against it, but I ordered takeout from one of my favorite places and asked if they could plate it as if I were going to eat there so I could put it in my own containers. The server said, “We can just put the food directly in your containers. It’s no problem.” I even got condiments in my little lunch bots containers. Nice! I don’t expect it to be this easy everywhere I go, but I’m happy my first attempt was successful.

Today I attempted homemade tortillas and refried beans. The tortillas were good, if not exactly round, and the refried beans were great. I also re-signed up for my home delivery of fruits and vegetables from local farms, so I’ll always have fresh, local, plastic-free fruits and vegetables on hand. I quit a year or so ago because I wasn’t eating it all, but now that I’m not giving in to all the packaged convenience foods, I think this will be good.

Right now I have the plastic bags I was forced to use bulk shopping drying inside out on chopsticks so next time I have to get more ingredients than I have bags for, I can reuse what I already have.

This isn’t an easy transition, but as long as I keep making tiny steps in the right direction, I feel like I can keep going.

Just a heads up: I don’t have any affiliate links to Life Without Plastic or any vested interest in you shopping there, but I would like to say they seem like a great company. Everything I’ve gotten from there is high quality and packaged both very carefully and without waste. I wish I could find plastic-free products locally, but this site is the next best thing.

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