Packaging Waste is Even Worse Than I Thought

Yesterday, my husband and I stopped into a 7-11 for some cough drops (his throat was burning, and there was no way I was going to learn how to make some from scratch right that minute, especially since we were two cities from home). While inside, I saw this:


If you can’t read it, here’s a close-up:


It looked to be some sort of toy helicopter inside the package we’ve all become accustomed to for toys: a cardboard frame with a see-through plastic window to show off the (probably plastic) toy itself. That alone is wasteful enough, but what I didn’t know is that those boxes are themselves wrapped in plastic during shipping. The only reason I can think of for that is to keep the plastic window from getting scuffed in transit.

So here we have it: gratuitous plastic packaging so valuable that it has to also be wrapped in plastic. Both plastic coverings, of course, will find their way to landfills or the ocean.

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