Three-Day Plastic Tally

December 20th-December 22nd

I’m rather shocked by both the amount I was able to avoid in three days and the amount I was able to produce even when trying not to.

Plastic I’ve avoided
12 Shopping bags (probably more since my bags hold more than those flimsy plastic ones which are often double-bagged to boot)
5 produce bags
2 plastic wine corks (we got wine from Spain which uses real cork and tastes great)
1 straw (finally a server listened!)
4 plastic bottles of soda (I got glass or refilled my cup. Some of the soda was for guests)
2-4 bags dog treats (I got bulk dried treats and am currently baking more treats made from bulk items. It’s a lot more volume an the bagged treats used to get, but around the same number of servings, so I’m guessing on the number of bags saved)

Plastic I could have avoided
6 1-2″ pieces of tape to wrap books for my nieces (wrapped in non-festive paper bags).
1 jug orange juice (I could have juiced my own oranges)
1 plastic cup at my in-laws’ holiday party. I didn’t expect things to be disposable.
1 plastic fork at the same. After the fork, I realized I could just get real silverware from the kitchen and wash it myself. Whoops.
1 #5 boba cup (an accident explained in another post)
1 boba straw (I saved it, though, since my glass straw is just slightly too thin for boba)
3 small plastic bags for spices bought in bulk. We should have brought our own containers.

Plastic I’m not sure how to avoid
13 stickers from fruit
2 small zipped plastic bags holding the screwtop tins I had shipped to me (as a plus, that was the only plastic — all the packing was paper, as I’d requested)
4 cheeses, wrapped in plastic. (I would prefer not to give up cheese if possible)
Smoked, spiral-cut ham wrapped in plastic (part of our contribution to the party)
1 small plastic bottle of lotion — a gift
1 small plastic bottle of hand sanitizer — a gift
1 plastic tube of lip balm — a gift

Plastic I disposed of that I had purchased before starting to avoid it
1 bottle household cleaner
1 bottle dish soap

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