How Much Damage Can a Break Cause?

This morning I’m back to taking Thai classes after a three-week break from both classes and studying. Two of those weeks were planned — my husband took off two weeks for his 40th birthday, and I chose to spend as much time having little adventures with him as I could. Also, my dad was starring in a local production of Man of La Mancha, my husband and I hosted a Robert Burns dinner, and I was overall pleasantly distracted from my language studies by various outings and visits from friends. What I didn’t anticipate was the flu and a couple 70-hour work weeks in a row that made getting back on track after my two-week break essentially impossible. (Yes, studying is possible with a 102 fever — I did it in college — but it isn’t fun.)

So… now I’m back, I’m behind on a video I wanted to post at the end of January, and I’m about to take a class after zero study or even passive listening (No Thai podcasts, movies, radio, Italki… I did hang out with my in-laws a bit, but that was it).

I’ll describe the damage after my lesson. Eek!

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3 Responses to How Much Damage Can a Break Cause?

  1. Steve O says:

    Mezzie – my email per my comment in case it doesn’t show up:

  2. Steve O says:

    hmmm – this is last comment showing up but not the long prior comment I just sent – let me know if you got it re my parallel experiences with Thai. If not I’ll re-write and re-send/post.

  3. Mezzie says:

    Sorry — I moderate posts, but I didn’t see a long one from you. 😦

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