Oh, the Drama

I’m on to Thai Lakorn #2 and found out halfway through episode three that the subber wasn’t going to complete the series, so now I’m watching it without subs. In the long run, that’s probably good: I have to pay attention to the language and get as many clues from context as I can. It’s been a long time, but I do remember being this lost watching novelas in my early days of learning Spanish, and sticking with them paid off.

I’m about an hour into watching this without subtitles:


Since I had the benefit of getting the basic plot points in the first two and a half episodes, I’m actually following the larger plot pretty well. Unfortunately, a lot of the humor for this was in word play which I have no chance getting right now. Someday, though, I’ll come back to this one to see how much I’ve learned (like I recently did with María la del Barrio — one of my first novelas. I understand every word now).

An update on Thai classes: They’re going really well and I met all of last week’s goals. My goals this week include:
1. Pimsleur 24-26
2. Becker vocabulary review (ten chapters)
3. Reading practice with audio support at Thai Recordings and SEAlang.net (20-40 minutes/day)
4. 5 hours of input (lakorns and AUA videos)

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