I Start with a Bird and End With a Bird

I didn’t quite meet all of the goals I set for last week, but I didn’t do too poorly, either. Here’s the rundown:

Master the vowel sounds that don’t exist in English (reading and speaking)
I probably shouldn’t have used the word “master,” but I did make some decent improvement. Instead of messing up over a dozen of the vowels, I only butchered five of them repeatedly during my Saturday morning lesson. Still, I had to think pretty hard before each complex vowel, so it will require quite a bit more practice before I reach mastery.

Review middle and high consonant tone rules
I continue to do pretty well on these, though I sometimes have false starts. I’ll start the word like it’s mid-class (that appears to be my default setting) and then stop myself because I realized partway in that the first consonant is actually high class, for example. I’m so used to reading quickly in English and Spanish, I think that may actually be working against me in Thai. My goal this week as I practice reading is to slow down and focus on accuracy.

Master low consonant tone rules
I did okay with these except that I froze up with low-class consonants followed by long vowels and stop finals. I think messing up so many times, though, has beaten what it should be (falling) into my head. The rules are memorized, but I still need more practice applying them.

Improve my ability to distingish between short and long vowels (mostly listening)
I feel the best about my improvement in this area. A couple weeks ago I’d be lucky to hear the difference between เข้า and ข้าว, but now it’s about as clear as the difference between, say, mud and mutt. Producing the difference, especially in sentences (it’s definitely doable for individual words) will take a while, I’m sure, but I’m on my way. 🙂

Memorize the false clusters that create an invisible ั sound (like in สวัสดี) so that I know everything else is an invisible โ-ะ
I didn’t get around to doing this.

Practice typing the home keys on the Thai keyboard
I didn’t get around to this, either, but I did type quite a lot on my ipad, so finding letters is going rather quickly on that device.

Pimsleur lessons 17-20

Here are my goals for the coming week:
-Pimsleur 21-23
-At least five hours of listening practice (preferably comprehensible input like AUA videos or lakorns)
-Read chapters 1-11 in มานี Book 1, Part 1 out loud with 90% accuracy or better
-Add vocabulary to Anki deck as needed (from lakorns, มานี, etc.)
-Try Anki out 20-30 minutes a day (I just set up a deck today. It’s time for me to see what all the hype is about)
-Practice reading and pronouncing all vowels; especially the five I had trouble with


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